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Origin Edit

BallerXRosalina is a user that created a GameFAQs account in 2013 in order to get Friend Codes for Friend Safaris. After that, he started to post a lot on the Pokemon X board. His first 500 thread was a thread about how he thinks Serena from Pokemon is h4wt.

He is also known for starting the "Trainers of the Pokemon World" threads on the main board which served as a place for users to battle, trade, and chat without having to worry about mods.

The first Trainers of the Pokemon World thread:

The last one which was posted with his alt:

The "Trainers of the Pokemon World" managed to get 15 threads until the group moved to Skype, however some of the TOTPW members simply disappeared. He is also known for posting a thread of r34 on the Pokemon X/Y Trade board after no one would respond to his thread. Some say this thread still stands to this day.

Warflame Edit

BallerXRosalina started posting on Warflame around June, 2014. He is an admin of The Warflame Skype group. PM him to join.

Account Banning Edit

On August 8, 2014, Baller's original account was banned. His account was tied to a bunch of users from the Pokemon X board who spammed an 11-year old thread to 500. So when these disruptive posters got banned for board invasion and spamming, Baller got usermap axed with them. This was the thread that was spammed:

FCs and such Edit

3DS: 1478-4162-6801 | NNID: arigreenwood98 |skype: ariel_ace

Trivia Edit

  • Everything about him is terrible.
  • Ain't even got his papers.