Yo Dawg Meme

An example of a meme

While at Warflame, one might hear some slang that is unfimilar to them. It is important to know what it all means.

List of SlangEdit

Internet meme - A commonly used joke over the internet (shown to the right). Except for, of course, the fact that said example is not a meme but rather an advice animal, you incompetent sack of bricks.

Alt - An alternate account

Drama - A large amount of arguing among the userbase

Drama Llama - A joke among users indicating that there will be a very large amount of drama soon

Gifs - Moving pictures, usually meant to signal a joke (e.g. a gif of somebody eating popcorn to indicate drama that is happening)

Fad - When an idea gets insanely popular (such as the "PM me" fad of September 2013).

CYOA - Choose your own adventure



Super Smash Brothers Brawl

WF - Warflame

DE - Dino Eggs 

FE:A - Fire Emblem: Awkening

SSBB - Super Smash Bros Brawl

AC:NL - Animal Crossing New Leaf

MK - Mortal Kombat

User NicknamesEdit

TableFlip - Tabs

Tiger - PrettyTonyTiger, TJ, Tiger Jackson

OcarinaofToast - Toasty, Toasteh, Toastitu, Breadman, Otacon

Moocow12450 - MC, Moo, Moomoo

TheGreatEggman - TGE, Eggs, Eggy, Egg

IronChef_Kirby - ICK

NekoHime64 (note: it's practically a running gag at this point -.-) Neko, Neku, NYEEKO, Nikko, Nyehko, Ninjeko, ect.

ChackKeldy15 (his current account) - Chack, Chacky, Chakkito, Chakchak, lolChack, Dachak, Chackalackadingdong, Mr. Happy, Chak, Chak in the Box

eellliioottt - Izzy, Isabelle, Izzybelle, Elly, Elliot, Tim (Only one person uses this one and she doesn't like it)

DynasticAnthony - Anthony, Dynastic, DA, Tony, Anth

WerewolfKirbyy - Werewolf, WWK, WK, WerewolfKirby, WereKirby, WWKirby, WWKirbeh, WerewolfKorey, Wolfy

ColtCababa - Colt, Colty, Coltycakes, Coltato, Colt of Personality with 74% on Expert

Chandler014 - Chandler, Chin-Chan, Chandypoo, Chang (At one point, mistakened for Changlini)

Thepenguinking2 - Penguin, TPK2, Pennington, Deedee

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