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The physical appearance of Drawmuh

A mysterious invader from another reality, Drawmuh seeks to sow the seeds of chaos in this world in an effort to prepare it for habitation and his subsequent rule. He is a master of drama, often going so far as to lie and role play to rustle jimmies. By lashing out at other users and flying into fits of rage, he can effectively garner attention to start even sicker fires.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He can cast dramatic illusions to change is form at will, therefore his true appearance is unknown. He'll take on whatever form that will garner the most attention, often shape shifting to a female body.


Whatever his form, he projects an extremely dramatic and volatile persona, raging one moment and Internet-sobbing the next. He has no qualms about personally attacking Warflamers, then turning around and pretending he's the victim. This gets him support from dull-witted people and endlessly frustrates more astute individuals, making it a truly forimidable tactic.

In reality, his out-of-control behavior is nothing but a ruse, masking a cunning and calculated being. His efforts to cast Warflame into disarray are meticulously planned and quite often successful.

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