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I sleep... at NIGHT.

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Endergamer537, more commonly known around Warflame as Ender, is a Warflamer who joined the community on March 28, 2013. Originally not planning on staying more than a couple of weeks, Ender is now an active and full-fledged member of Warflame.

He is best known for being the leader of Team Miror (and co-leader of Team Miror Legends), which is how he and a couple of other users were invited to Warflame. In addition he usually takes the role of Dimentio from Super Paper Mario when roleplaying, although he also has the power to transform into various other characters as well.

Simple BeginningsEdit

Ender, before making his GameFAQs account, lurked for quite a good number of years on the Pokemon Black/White/2 message boards and The World Ends with You board before finally moving to the Pokemon X board. There, he felt he had spent so much time on GameFAQs that he finally decided to create an account (Ender being from Ender's Game, gamer referencing the title of Ender's Game and the fact that Ender likes to play video games, and 537 being a random string of numbers).

The Era of the Team CrazeEdit

From there, he wasn't a very noticeable user until he made a topic about 2 weeks after the creation of his account: a topic recruiting people for Team Miror to aid in Shadow Pokemon research. This attracted the attention of many people, and gained Ender some popularity on the X board. A short while later, a team called Team Legends was created by users OcarinaofToast and Astral_Beast to combat Team Miror. The two teams fought, and for a while other teams popped up in a craze (some notable ones including Team Galactic Butt, Clan High Five, and Team Skyla). Eventually Chandler014 and Ender (co-leaders of Miror) made a peace treaty with Team Legends and merged the two teams into Team Miror Infinity. Shortly after the mods got fed up and sent any Team topics to moderation hell.

However, later Ender was invited to Warflame after all of this, where he now spends most of his GameFAQs time. He is most known for being the creator of Team Miror, acting like Dimentio, and saying "K."

Favorite UsersEdit

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