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My furry Vulpix self.

Fox444F, better known around Warflame as Flash, is a user on the Warflame boards. He was invited to Warflame by his best friend, OcarinaofToast , and is an active member of Warflame as well as an admin of Teh Warflamers Chatting Club.

Joining WarflameEdit

Flash joined Gamefaqs on July 1, 2012, but didn't start posting until January of 2013. He joined the X boards and primarily posted in the Save a Legendary topics. He met and became quick friends with Toasty, who invited him to Warflame in early March of 2013. He doesn't make many topics but he posts in a few and has met many great friends in his time there.

Other Notes About FlashEdit

Flash is known for his obsession with the fox pokemon Vulpix, of which he RP's a lot. He is a furry and loves RPing, though he struggles at times in group RP's and sometimes doesn't know what to say. He is a furry and is proud to be one.

Flash is also an avid fan of Brawl and considers himself to be one of the better brawlers on Warflame. He uses many characters but mains Falco, Diddy, and Lucas. He recently also has taken a liking to using Ganondorf.

As mentioned above, his best friend is OcarinaofToast, more commonly referred to as Toasty. He values his friendship a lot and views him as a brother. Flash also gets very defensive when he feels people are mistreating Toasty. Toasty has helped him on a number of occasions feel relaxed and less stressed. Toasty has an ability to calm Flash down when he's upset, and Flash values that very much.

All in all, Flash loves Warflame. Besides Toasty, his closest friends are Gubbey and Izzy . He also considers himself close to Event, Colt , Meta, Zorro, and Brawler. He plans on staying on Warflame for a very long time.