Kooky von Koopa
Kooky von koopa
How it is believed Kooky looks like in real life.
Some attributes
First 20 years old
Second Often called abrasive in nature
Third Loves puns
Other attributes
Kooky von Koopa (AKA Kooky_von_Koopa, Koops, Kooky_ban_Koopa, or Kevin) is a founding member of the Warflame board, one of the original 12 users. Lately his topics used to revolve on painful jokes with a punchline, doomsday catastrophes or PAC-MAN and Mewtwo holy worship. Kooky von Koopa is also notable for being Purged every single Full Moon. And despite his attempts at making alternate accounts, the unfair moderators always end up banning or permanently put them on Read-Only.


Kooky von Koopa's first post on Warflame was on August 4, 2012. Interested on the Rate the User contest on the SSBU board, he saw Luigi4President's topic and arrived on Warflame. He used to be a common user until he started getting Purged every once and then on mid-2015 to today. Rumour has it he does it on purpose, but he has expressed large amounts of butthurt anger over his completely, and despicably unfair moderations from infernal skunks and bastards for inflammatory posts such as a variation of the Navy Seal copy pasta and posting "ayy lmao" various times.


  • 150Mewtwo BW anime 3

    He is commonly known for his Mewtwo love.

    Kooky is the 8th user to ever post on the board
  • He is known for being a big admirer of the Pokemon Mewtwo.
  • His favorite game characters are Mewtwo, Shadow the Hedgehog, Ludwig, Pac-Man, M. Bison, Pyoro, Dry Bones, among others.
  • His favorite game of all-time is Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, his favorite series is Metroid though.