The favorite food of the Marby.

Marbychu is a user on GameFAQs.


Marby first started out on GameFAQs years ago, when he needed help on SM64DS. He only recently made his account in late 2012/early 2013, but that account got banned for making a suicidal threat.

Marby started out on the Pokemon X boards, where he was almost as much a troll as ChackNorris7, claiming that "Pikagod iz teh best EVAR!" He has changed and matured since then, obviously.

Marby was invited to Warflame on the Marbychu account in late January/early February.


After a one-month delay, Marby came back from his ban with a new account, much better than before (though that's not saying much). This account is active to this day. 


While 6bananza was the one who did PokeFarm first, Marby was the one to bring the idea to WF.

Marby hasn't achieved much besides that.

Favorite UsersEdit

Phazon, Chandler, Tabs, Anthony.

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