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Missingno. Master is a GameFAQs user. Though his GameFAQs username is "Missingno_Mastr", this is strictly due to technical limitations. He therefore considers "Missingno. Master" to be his true username. He was invited to Warflame through private message by endergamer537 on April 4th, 2013 at 9:57 PM, EDT.  Before that, his time on GameFAQs was spent exclusively on the various Pokémon boards.

Missingno. Master is easygoing enough, and is more than willing to talk with pretty much anyone. That said, he is rather terrible at starting conversations, so the other person almost always has to make the first move. Also, pretty much the only video game or anime he has any interest in is Pokémon, which somewhat limits the topics of discussion. However, once he does get started on Pokémon, it's hard to stop him. He is a levelheaded individual, and generally does not form an opinion on rumors unless some solid proof is presented. He is also very forgiving of others, to the point where sometimes it seems as though he's the only one who genuinely sees Chack as a friend. But be warned- he can be pushed too far. It's not easy, but it can be done. And the results will not be pretty. Among his faults is a tendency to advertise his Pokémon fanfiction pretty much any chance he gets.


  • Pokémon
  • Writing Pokémon fanfiction (and advertising it)
  • Spriting
  • Bacon
  • His friends (basically anyone on his friend list on GameFAQs)
  • RPing
  • More bacon

Dislikes/Pet PeevesEdit

  • Digimon
  • Spinach
  • People who misspell Qwilfish's name, especially those who spell it with a "u"
  • People who spell Klinklang's name "Klingklang"
  • People who claim that Missingno. is not a real Pokémon

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Missingno. Master's FanfictionEdit

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  • Despite what the username implies, Missingno. Master's favorite Pokémon is in fact Weezing. However, he claims that Missingno. is "very high up on the list".
  • Missingno. Master has in the past steadfastly refused to disclose the name of the narrator in the Adventure of Adventureness series. To this day, it remains the only question about that series he will not answer.
  • Missingno. Master's favorite Eeveelution is Flareon.
  • Missingno. Master's favorite Pokémon type is Poison.
  • Missingno. Master's favorite Pokémon move is Sludge Wave.
  • Missingno. Master believes Helioptile to be the cutest Electric-type ever. This is taking Pikachu and all Pikaclones into consideration, too.
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