Lurking-SSBU/Pokemon XEdit

Several years ago, around 2010, Moocow123450 started to lurk around the Pikmin 3 boards. He wanted to RP so much, but he was underaged (even slightly) then and couldn't make an account. However, around 2 years later in 2012, Moocow was old enough to make an account. So he did, but he barely used it until the summer of 2013. He then became a regular on the SSBU boards and the Pokemon X boards. There, he met several peopel including LaneLazerBeam and Nekohime64, who would later create Team Noir with Moocow.

Super Smash Bros. U board-NuzlockingEdit

Moocow began his gamefaqs career on the Super Smash Bros. U board playing random RP's. He soon found the emerald social board and started to nuzlocke. He is currently the author of one nuzlocke, A New Beginning.


He had joined warflame in late July after seeing a topic that linked towards it on the Pokemon X boards. After joining, he soon stopped chating on most other boards. On warflame, he has potsed a few mini RP's. 

Network of AccountsEdit

Moocow is the creator of the following accounts:



DiamondLeafeon (later given to Chack)




Other SitesEdit

Moocow currently writes on His fanfictions include a Breadbug's Journey, a work in progress, and A Rival's Battle, a completed one shot.

Moocow123450 comes from his runescape username. According to him, he had once made an account for runescape. He tried naming his account "Moocow" due to his love of cows. However, after multiplle failed attempts at this, he eventually simply added 123450 to it.


  • His favorite Pokemon is Miltank.
  • His favorite games are EU4 and Victoria II.
  • His favorite series is actually Pikmin.
  • His least favorite Game is Anubis II.
  • He is the one behind the shootings that interrupt joke senten-*shot*
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