NickLOLZ's favorite Marvel superhero is Black Panther

Although he is far from being a popular user, NickLOLZ is a Warflamer who was on Warflame close to the beginning.

Before WarflameEdit

NickLOLZ originally started at the Mario Tennis Open board where he mained Luma. Then after a while he posted at the Super Smash Brothers Brawl for Wii U board. He wanted strange additions to the roster, much of them not being eligible but he was just trying to fit in. After a while, he was invited into Warflame, where he expressed his fun side.


He used to post quite a lot and tried to do a few CYOA's but only one was successful. Now, he is very confused since alot of new users came into Warflame and became very popular. He doesn't know many of them. But as always, he's always there to be the fun user some users know and love, even if he isn't that popular.


  • He's got a noticable crush on Tron Bonne, Ariel, Kitana, and several other fictional females
    • However, he has a severe hatred Bayonetta
    • He also somewhat noticeable has a fetish for girls with long red hair (Ariel, Ariana Grande, Tsubaki Yayoi)
  • He's been commonly shipped with Tron and Bayonetta
  • He is a fan of Ninjago
  • He's supported Luma for the new addition of Smash
    • He was extremely pleased when Luma was confirmed, even if it was with Rosalina
    • He also majorly supports the T-Rex from Fossil Fighters
  • He has a younger brother
    • Accoriding to NickLOLZ, his brother has a crush on Felicia from Darkstalkers
  • His favorite video game genre is fighting and has played several fighting games
  • He is a major fan of Death Battle
  • He is roomates with Knuckles the Echidna
  • He likes to create original characters and has created several
  • He is a fan of Nickelodeon sitcoms