One of the things Warflame is most notable for is it's RPs, or "roleplays". The grammar here is so undeniably godawful that I don't even care to change it. There are several long-standing RPs, such as [there are none]. There are also several CYOAs, or "Choose your own adventures".

List of RPs and CYOAs currently in progressEdit

  • Meta Experiments Saga IV
  • Warflame Emblem
  • Warflame Legends
  • Solo Fiction
  • Smogoon CYOA
  • Fuck You

Notable past RPs and CYOAsEdit

The Following RP's and CYOAs are notable ones that survived the longest, and was the most Successful.

ew this shit grammar.


The TWG-CIP Saga is a series of Pokemon RPs made by OcarinaOfToast/MoveslikeJabba. The Saga consists of 4 RPs; The World Got Turned into Pokemon (TWGCIP), Pokemon Spirit Signs, Pokemon Fusion, and Pokemon SpiritFire. The Saga is seen as one of the most well known, competing against Amora. TWG-CIP spanned through 5 Topics, PSS through 10, PF through 11, and SF through 2. SpiritFire never finished. A remake of Spirit Signs was made on WF but never finished.

Journey to AmoraEdit

The Journey to Amora is an RP made by Event, Spanning over 11 Topics/Chapters, Tied with Pokemon Fusion for the longest Topics in a single RP. As the Title suggests, The RP is about travelers on their way to Amora, to fulfill their wishes.

Team Miror InfinityEdit

Team Miror Infinity is an RP/Group made by Endergamer537. The Original Team, Team Miror, was created to worship Miror B, and to study Shadow Pokemon. Notable Users who Joined TM include Gubbey, Chandler014, and Marbychu. Eventually, the Second Faction of TMI, Team Legends, appeared, led by Toasty and Astral. The Two Teams fought, Miror B dying in the process, until a truce was made, and the teams Combined, Forming Team Miror Infinity. After the Mods went topic-hunting, the Team retreated to Embryon, then disappeared.... but TMI might just return soon. The Admins of TMI are Ender, Chandler, Astral, and Toasty.

The Meta Experiments CYOAEdit

The most successful Warflame CYOA to date, The Meta Experiments was created by Chandler014, and has Meta gathering Warflamers to fight forces of Darkness, including Chandler himself. The CYOA uses a fixed Battle System, And Users can create and learn new moves to fight the forces. The CYOA possibly helped influence the idea for "The Last Warflamer", Which uses a Battle System similar to Meta Experiments, and has Chandler's Moveset on it. The CYOA Is currently on it's 6th Topic. eugh still bad grammar I think I just threw up in my mouth

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