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Expert depiction of Smogoon

Smogoon is a level 33 GameFAQs user, among other things...


Not much is known about Smogoon's past. Legend says he was born in the world's cruelest prison known as "The Pit". As a child, he did what no other has done: escape the prison. He then joined The League of Shadows in order to bring true justice to the world. On GameFAQs he was first spotted late July of 2011 on the Pokemon Black board in the topic titled "Life Orb question". The topic reached 500 posts after Smogoon unleashed his vengeance upon the board. He quickly gained notoriety on the board for what some would describe as trolling, but also his skill in pokemon battling. He posted about his triumphs and legendary battles that will forever be remembered. After Black 2 was announced Smogoon resided there for a short time and then disappeared. Years later he resurfaced on Warflame. Nobody knows why or how he is there other than to "fulfill alien's destiny. Here to end the borrowed board you've all been posting on". As a result, Warflame is in a state of crisis, Smogoon appears to be a uunstoppable He often states "I am Warflame's reckoning"