Shadow Zangoose 2
What Thepenguinking2 is said to look like
Some attributes
First Loves Pokemon, PvZ and Bloons series
Second Is less active then most users
Third Loves Sylveon
Other attributes
Fourth Is not well known across most users
Thepenguinking2 (Also known as IwantSandshrew) is a user that was invited in his early days on GameFAQs, but didn't go until late 2013.



Thepenguinking2 was an immature and odious user of the Pokemon X boards, spitting opinions out like a Gatling pea, bashing those that dislike even the tip of the tail of Zangoose, and overall being an immature bisharp. He entered Warflame through a link in the X board.

Past WarflameEdit

Thepenguinking2 grew mature and less odious when he joined Warflame. He was very hostile torwards the user Missingno. Master because of Qwilfish. Eventually, Missing apologized for his overreaction, and they became friends afterwards.

TPK2 eventually lost a Raticate to a Gengar, and developed a hatrid for gengar super quickly. Eventually, Gengar replaced Qwilfish for TPK's least favorite pokemon.

Present WarflameEdit

TPK2 eventually made an account named "IwantSandshrew" as he is currently trying to get a shiny Sandshrew. He is still under this name, and it is unknown when he will go back to his old name.


  • Thepenguinking2 is most commonly referred to as Penguin, and this is used by most warflamers.
  • TPK2 is his chosen nickname, and is an abbreviation of his name.
  • Pennington is how he is referred to in Pokemon Showdown, as this is his trainer name.
  • The user NekoHime64 refers to TPK2 as Deedee, as his name reminds her of King DeDeDe.

Known seriesEdit

TPK2 has no known topic series, but plans on making some soon.