"Oh beautiful Playstation logo licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment of America, I always thought you would make a good Mario Kart track." - Dark_Throwback, Final Fantasy VII Liveblog

Throwback2780 (More commonly known as Phazon_Master or Dark_Throwback.) is a Warflame user that joined in November of 2012.

Throwback2780's Stats
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Join Date September 29th, 2012
Gender Male
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Alts and Previous/Current accountsEdit

Throwback2780 began as a simple user from the Sticker Star/Mario Kart 7/New Super Mario Brothers 2 GameFAQs message boards. Then was invited to Warflame by Wall_of_Wegee on his Dimented_Os account. Since then, Throwback has been considered one of the average users.

His first account was Throwback2780, closed in early 2013. He had an alt called King_Kaizo, who was only made for the purpose of joining the Alt Bandwagon. Then, he made Dark Throwback , a villain sort of account. His incarnations go in this order as of this time:

Throwback2780 > Frosted_Chortle > Phazon_Master > Dark_Throwback

He has many other alt accounts, but barely uses them anymore.


"Metroid: Other M is the biggest crap on the Metroid platter, called to be the greatest Metroid game... hahaha... NO."- Dark_Throwback on this wikipage.

Throwback is known to like the Metroid series, and has been waiting for a new game since Other M, which he considers the Satan of Gaming along with Pink Gold Peach, a newcomer from Mario Kart 8. He is also fond of the Mario & Luigi RPGs... well, the first two at least. He thinks Bowser's Inside Story was a bad attempt at improving on the series.

Current SeriesEdit

Final Fantasy VII Playthrough

The Platinum Train: Of Witches and Conductors

Best Areas In Gaming

Favorite Video Game Music Tracks(VGM)Edit

They're Pretty Tough, Should We Be Careful?! - Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Princess Shroob Battle - Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

The entirety of the Donkey Kong 64 and Metroid Prime Trilogy soundtracks

Lockjaw's Saga - Donkey Kong Country 2


  • Throwback randomly changes his obessesions at times.
  • Throwback usually can't play with anyone else in any type of multiplayer game.
  • Throwback does not play Brawl a lot, and is considered one of the worst Brawlers.


Final Fantasy VII Liveblog -

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