Wolf kirby


User Level

32: Legend
Nicknames: Werewolf, WWK, WK, WerewolfKirby, WereKirby, WWKirby, WWKirbeh, WerewolfKorey, Wolfy
Signature: It is no secret that rock and roll stars collect antiques - especially antique chairs.


WerewolfKirbyy roamed GameFAQs for years. He went through several accounts before ending up at this one, uncluding WerewolfKirby (with one Y) He was invited to Warflame a month after it began by IronChef_Kirby on 9/15/12, and was quickly assimilated into the community.

On the SSBU boards, he became mildly famous for his Colour Swaps. This is also where he formed the Forgotten Six, with himself, Kooky_Von_Koopa, WallofWegee, Blazekicker27, VideoGameFan65, and TheSpiderSense5.

After joining Warflame, Werewolf quickly became a well-liked member. He was known as one of the nicest users on the board. He scored well in Rate the User, too.  He was also included in Journey of the SSBUsers


  • Ran a popular Pallet Swap topic on the SSBU boards
  • Founding Member of the Forgotten Six
  • Ran Ship the User Reborn
  • Ran Warflame Musical Chairs
  • Acted as the bear in Total Drama Warflame
  • Has been a character in several CYOAs
  • "One of the nicest users on the board"
  • "One of the most unappreciated users on the board"
  • Warflame Veteran
  • Ran unopposed as the Presidential/Royal Dog in the Warflame Presidential Election
  • Runs a seperate board with a few CYOAs and some of his friends


  • WerewolfKirbyy is a Canadian-American
  • Werewolf has a tendency to get captured, as he has been captured in just about every CYOA he's been in, and has fallen into almost all of Brawler's traps.
  • His favourite colour is red, and his favourite animal is the giant panda
  • Werewolf's favourite title on his 3DS is set as System Settings