Yushichan (Also known as Event, Evey, Yushimi, MissEvent, G-RYDA, etc.) is a user on Warflame. But she is no ordinary user. Within the waking world she holds such titles as Arch-Princess of the Kandy Kingdom, Grand Warlord of Yushimia, Guardian of Wiz World, and many more. She is described by other users as an unpredictable force, as nobody knows whether she will assist the cause of good or evil. This makes her sought after by groups such as the White Knights and the forces of Drawmuh alike, though she has not pledged allegiance to any faction.


She draws her power from the forces of Whimsy, and many of her abilities are based on random chance or fortune. This means she can never use a reliable power, but this also means she's supremely unpredictable, and no amount of planning beforehand can prepare one to face her.


She is a self-described pacifist, though she enjoys stomping the guts out of anyone who offends her. This includes people who dispute her claim to pacifism. Beyond that, she is very kind and bright, though her Whimsy sometimes masks this. She is shown to be a very competent leader, as seen by her many prestigious titles.


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